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 The following press release was just sent to the Calgary media (lightly edited for this publication):

For Immediate Release

Who Should I Vote For?

Seventy per cent of Canadians want to see proportional representation (PR). Many candidates support electoral reform and the introduction of PR. A majority of MPs (170) could ensure the next scheduled general election (in 2019) is conducted under PR.

Fair Vote Canada strongly encourages PR as a better way to elect MPs (or MLAs or municipal councillors) than our present pluralitarian system which is commonly known as Winner Take All (WTA) or First-Past-the-Post (FPTP).

Fair Vote Canada and Fair Vote Calgary have been finding out where parties and candidates stand on PR. Results are encouraging and in keeping with polls and reports of electoral commissions conducted over the last few years. In Calgary 2015 all-candidate forums voters are indicating through applause that they want reform and PR.

Fair Vote Canada has developed a Canada-wide listing of candidates who have responded to a questionnaire about ‘Where They Stand’ on PR; see Fair Vote Canada’s web site.

Fair Vote Calgary has done a similar exercise focussing on Alberta candidates south of Red Deer. The candidates and parties which have declared support for PR are shown here.

Further details of all local candidates (where their position is known) are shown in a comprehensive table you can download here: S AB Fed Electoral Districts 2015 10 05.  Voters are encouraged to check out the information referenced above before choosing their candidate.

Fair Vote recommends in this election that each of us should vote for a candidate who when elected will work to introduce PR. Basically, this means a Green Party or New Democratic Party candidate.

In some electoral districts it may be preferable to vote strategically for an alternative candidate who attracts enough votes and supports PR, even though not necessarily the voter’s first choice.

Most important of all – Just Vote!

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For more Information:

Kelly Carmichael  Executive Director, Fair Vote Canada
Phone: 705-799-2644

Mark Hambridge, Leader, Fair Vote Calgary Action Team. Phone: 403-239-5516