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You may have seen or heard something about this strange situation on the news on Friday 18 September in Calgary. I heard an interview with Nicolas on the CBC’s Eyeopener and it is still here their site. He has also been featured in other media.

Nicolas Duchastel de Montrouge is a Canadian Citizen, born in Montréal PQ who is at present living in Seattle, Washington, USA. He has lived outside Canada for more than five years; as the result of a court ruling earlier this year he is not permitted to vote anywhere in Canada in the coming election (together with about 1.4 million Canadian expatriates who are nevertheless guaranteed the right to vote in the Canadian Constitution!) There’s more about this on Elections Canada’s Voting from Abroad page.

However, he is permitted to be a candidate for election to Parliament as an MP! He is urgently seeking 100 electors who live in Calgary Heritage to sign his nomination papers so that he can file them and be a candidate on the same ballot as Messrs. Harper, Christie, Miles and Burgener.

Can you help? If so, please:
Check the map to ensure you live in Calgary Heritage. It is not the same as the electoral district boundaries for the last general election.
Check by entering your postcode in Elections Canada’s web site tool.

Then -
Go to Nicolas’ web site  and follow the directions on the HOW TO HELP page. However, do NOT email the form in – it must be physically delivered very soon to the Returning Officer. Contact kathie@allvotes.ca for further directions as to how to get the signed form to her.

It is urgent to get this moving! Please help if you can, to redress this farcical, typically Canadian! electoral situation. You could discuss it with your local candidates, and ensure the situation gets resolved after the election during the next Parliament. Nicolas does not want your vote in the election – just help him get on the ballot. There is already enough ‘vote splitting’ and strategic voting under FPTP!

Oh, and Nicolas is indeed a firm believer in proportional representation, of course!