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The Fair Vote Canada – Edmonton Chapter has provided resources designed for teachers to use in their junior- and senior-high classrooms. These resources are intended for use across the Province. Here you will find two PowerPoint presentations that illustrate the differences between our current First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) electoral system and a number of other electoral systems which use proportional representation. The first slideshow contrasts FPTP with Mixed-Member Proportional Representation, while the second slideshow demonstrates how the Single Transferable Vote system could work. There are also guides to assist teachers in using these slideshows in their classroom.

These materials are new as of 2015 02 23. Comments and feedback would be appreciated, especially suggestions for improvement; please email edmonton@fairvote.ca

Click on the Resources tab and scroll down to Educational Resources for Teachers and Schools to access the individual items.

Fair Vote Calgary is pleased to co-operate with the Edmonton Chapter of Fair Vote Canada in presenting these materials.

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With several candidates to choose from in each of three electoral districts and a total of seventeen candidates, many are wondering for whom to vote on Monday 27 October.

If the over-riding factor were the effectiveness of each person’s vote, they should know that under the present plurality/majority (First-Past-the-Post or FPTP) system, the winning candidate could be elected with as little as 15% of the vote (Calgary-Foothills) and little more than 20% (Calgary-Elbow and Calgary-West). All the other votes, serving to elect no-one, are ‘wasted’.

With an effective proportional representation electoral system, 95% of the votes cast in a general election help to elect representatives to the legislature and the resulting composition of the legislature closely reflects the popular vote. Every vote counts!

In these by-elections, discerning electors should vote for the candidate who promises to introduce proportional representation when their party forms a government or agrees with other parties to introduce an effective system of proportional representation.

Fair Vote Calgary has polled the Calgary candidates and parties in the present by-elections. The following candidates or parties have endorsed the introduction of proportional representation:

Calgary Elbow:

Alberta’s New Democrats.

Calgary Foothills:

Polly Knowlton Cockett, Green Party of Alberta.

Alberta’s New Democrats.

Calgary West:

Alberta’s New Democrats.

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Hello Everyone:

I just received the following email from Dave Meslin, Campaign Director for the Friends of the Reform Act.

“September is going to be an important month for the Reform Act!

“MPs will be debating the Reform Act on September 18th and voting on September 24th.

“Just three months ago, there was an incredible amount of multi-partisan support in the House of Commons. But we need your help to make sure the Reform Act survives the next four weeks!

“A few days ago, we mailed out thousands of leaflets to volunteers across the country. Now we need your help too. Please take a moment to put both the debate and the vote in your calendar (and if you’re on Facebook please RSVP for both events: debate / vote).  As it gets closer, we’ll send you links so you can watch both events live online.

“You can help us spread the word by sharing our website with friends, continuing the discussion on Facebook and Twitter and by making sure your MP knows how you feel about the Reform Act and the important democratic changes that Michael Chong has introduced.

“This is a rare opportunity for us to rebuild trust and faith in our democracy by giving both you and your MP a stronger voice. Thank you for your support!

Dave Meslin
Campaign Director
Friends of the Reform Act