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The PCs are morally obliged under the 2011 Election Amendment Act to stay in office until March 2016. To call a general election now would snub the PCs’ own legislation which is just over two years old, even though subsection 1 allows the Premier of the day to call an election when he wants. Subsection 2 was enacted to replace whimsy and established a fixed term. To replace MLAs who have resigned – call by-elections.

The PCs now hold (after floor-crossings) 70 of 87 legislature seats; a comfortable majority (albeit false with regard to the popular vote) with which to hold on to power. To now call a general election would be a blatant, extravagant waste of the taxpayers’ money at a time of diminished government revenue and supposed restraint. The 2012 general election cost the Province $13,631,864, 27% more than the 2008 general election. Squandering perhaps $28 million now (recently provided to the Elections Alberta budget, presumably for an election this year) on a ‘vanity’ election cannot be justified or condoned.

Tell or write your MLA and the Premier – don’t hold an election this year; stick to the PC plan.