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That’s the headline in DeSmog Canada’s latest on-line edition. You can read the article here.

Emma Gilchrist, author of the article and now Executive Director of DeSmog Canada, is a former Calgarian. Emma  initiated the Herald’s Green Guide several years ago.

I have received calls and emails asking how would the result have been different under proportional representation? In my earlier post below ‘New Democrats Must Fix the Voting System’ I offered a very simple version of what might have been, just converting the Elections Alberta Interim Results into seats. Wilf Day has written a much deeper analysis and sophisticated projection in his blog.

It is clear that proportional representation would end the false majorities we have been experiencing in many recent federal and provincial elections. Instead of the FPTP ‘winner’ being able to ride roughshod over the opposition and push through whatever policy or legislation it wanted in a ‘winner takes all’ result, debate in the legislature or parliament would have to change.  The legislature becomes a debating and negotiating chamber. Policies and legislation reflect what all Albertans want. If every vote were a free vote (I can dream!) the end of each debate would be reached in a consensus or group decision. Democracy wins.