Myths About Fair Voting and Proportional Representation

The Fair Vote Canada web site has a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions and myths about proportional representation, linked here.

In addition a number of articles dated March and April 2016, written by FVC Executive Director Kelly Carmichael  are individually linked below. These counter the ‘mythinformation’ being spread by the uninformed and misleading articles appearing in the mainstream media.

Myth #1: Will Parties Multiply Like Rabbits?

Myth #2: Will My MP be Accountable? or Appointed?

Myth #3: Should we Expect Unstable Governments?

Myth #4: Will we Get Anything Done?

Myth #5: Is Proportional Representation Unconstitutional?

Myth #6: Is a Ranked Ballot a Voting System?

(Source: Fair Vote Canada web site. Updated 2016 04 14)