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Get Involved and Make Every Vote Count!

Sign the Declaration of Voter’s Rights
  • The on-line version can be signed here.
  • You can download a printable version of the declaration here (second item, under Campaign Resources).
Join Fair Vote Canada here.
  • You will automatically become a member of Fair Vote Calgary.
  • Membership is open to everyone, regardless of citizenship or eligibility to vote, but please leave your political affiliation (if any) at the door.
Get involved with Fair Vote Calgary.
  • Check the Home Page blog or President’s Blog to find out what’s happening.
  • Feel free to suggest ways we could be more actively involved (fair warning: you WILL be involved in making them happen!)
Donate money here.
  • Fair Vote Canada’s main activity is lobbying for change.
  • Fair Vote Canada is a not-for-profit corporation but is NOT a registered charity.
  • A tax receipt cannot be issued for donations.
Write to Your MP, MLA or municipal government. You can find out whom to write to here
  • Find your MP.
  • Find your MLA
  • Find your municipal council: Profiles of Alberta Municipalities including contact information may be found here.
Find a Local Fair Vote Canada Chapter
  • The purposes of the Fair Vote Canada Chapters and Action Teams are to support the purpose and objectives of Fair Vote Canada and its multi-partisan, citizen-based campaign, to provide a means for people in the chapter area to participate in the creation of a new voting system, and to provide information on voting system reform to the public.
  • Calgary Action Team – Contact: Mark Hambridge:
  • Edmonton Chapter –  Contact: Doug Bailie: Edmonton@FairVote.Ca
  • Lethbridge Chapter – Contact: Gene Oleksin: Lethbridge@FairVote.Ca
  • Red Deer Action Team – Contact: Jim Keylock: RedDeer@FairVote.Ca
Find a Fair Vote Canada Caucus
  • Labour for Fair Voting. Contact: Cec Makowski or John Deverell, Labour@FairVote.Ca  The mandate of the Labour for Fair Voting caucus is to advance the FVC mission in labour organizations, promoting individual memberships, gaining organization support and donations.
  • Women for Fair Voting. Contact: Margaret Hoff, Women@FairVote.Ca  This group will focus on promoting proportional representation as a means of increasing the number and percentage of women serving in Parliament and provincial legislatures. Numerous studies have shown that the lists used in all PR systems help facilitate both the nomination and election of more women than first-past-the-post systems, such as Canada’s. Further information on Women for Fair Voting:
  • Students & Youth for Fair Voting. Contact: Justin Carmichael, Youth@FairVote.Ca SYFV is a self-directed and democratically-governed (of course!) campaign within Fair Vote Canada, focused on campuses and youth outreach. SYFV will work on the Fair Vote Canada mission: to bring fair and proportional voting systems to all levels of government and throughout civil society…including our own campuses. We are looking for fellow student and youth activists who want to help launch SYFV chapters on their own campuses. Further information on Students & Youth for Fair Voting:
  • Teachers for Fair Voting. Contact: Anita Nickerson, Teachers@FairVote.Ca Teachers for Fair Voting creates classroom materials for high schools. Are you a teacher who would like to use our electoral reform lesson plan? Or are you willing to do classroom presentations for Fair Vote Canada?
  • Veterans for Fair Voting. Contact: Rod Morley, Veterans@FairVote.Ca Fair Vote Canada is looking for a few warriors. We are asking all veterans who have ever fought for our democracy to step forward once more. We want you to help make Canada a country that truly respects the democratic process and the sacrifices you and your comrades in arms have already made for this nation.
Sign a Petition
  • Petition to Parliament on Proportional Representation. You can print a petition form from this page. Look for the document called Printable Petition to the House of Commons. There are strict rules about the format of the petition, printed at the bottom of the form itself.