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There was an election on October 21st 2013 to elect a Mayor, 14 Councillors, seven Calgary Board of Education trustees and eight Calgary Catholic School District trustees. Before the next election in 2017, Candidates for Mayor, Councillors and Trustees will be invited to sign the following:

“Declaration of Voters’ Rights — Municipal Politicians’ Pledge
“I, (name) , elected mayor, councillor, or school board trustee, in the City of Calgary declare that:
✓    I believe that the current winner-take-all voting system suppresses Canadians’ fundamental  democratic rights;
✓    I believe that the current winner-take-all voting system has contributed to the needless  polarization of our politics to the detriment of our democratic discourse;
✓    I believe that all Canadians should be able to cast an equal and effective vote and to be represented fairly, regardless of political belief or place of residence;
✓    I believe our school boards, municipal councils, legislatures and parliament should have an electoral system where the share of seats held by each political party (if applicable) closely reflects the popular vote;
✓    I believe the need for reform is urgent, that Canadians need assemblies that represent the political and social diversity of Canada;

and therefore I pledge that:
✓    as an elected mayor, councillor or school board trustee, I will advocate for public consultations to amend elections laws to incorporate the aforementioned vital democratic rights;
✓    following this consultation, I will support reforms to add a suitable element of proportional representation to the election of representatives to all of our legislative assemblies.

In due course we will publish here the names of those who commit (or not!) to working for the adoption of Proportional Representation.


Legend: INCUMBENT, Candidate, Position on proportional representation.




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