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The detailed Unofficial Results from Elections Alberta look like this.

A summary of the results can be seen and downloaded in the Calgary Foothills Results Table including information about the candidates’ support for proportional representation.

Of 32,212 electors enumerated by Elections Alberta, only 12,717 voted (39.48%).

The new member of the legislature was elected by 38.35% of 39.48% of the voters. The successful candidate has 38.35% of the popular vote, so 61.65% of the votes were wasted; those voters are unrepresented in the legislature, as are those who chose not to mark a ballot.

Edited later: As a correspondent observed ‘So he was elected by about 15% of the electorate’ and another wrote ‘I think it’s fair to say he represents the people who actually voted for him, so we can state that he represents 15.14%. No need to speculate on what they would have voted – they chose to exclude themselves from the conversation’.

Elections Alberta’s slogan ‘A Mark that Matters’ rings somewhat hollow.

One can only speculate on how the result might have differed with a system which encouraged people to vote ‘for’ a candidate because they were casting effective votes, instead of strategically ‘against’ those they didn’t want.

If this had been a ‘referendum’ on electoral reform, 92.24% voted to stay with the tired old system we know, rather than take a step forward to a modern electoral system. Of course most voters strategically consider other factors before electoral reform, so these results are only a sad reflection on the inadequacies of the present electoral system.