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Last night the Calgary Leadership Forum sponsored an all-candidates debate and forum for the Calgary-Foothills by-election at Foothills Alliance Church in Edgemont. The six party-affiliated candidates were present, Antoni Grochowski (Independent) was absent. The event was reported in the Herald and on CBC and CTV last night.

Fair Vote Calgary was also present to explain Fair Voting and Proportional representation at our table in the lobby. A number of people were interested and took tabloids, business cards and promised to learn more. Some of the interested people mentioned that they had used PR in other countries before coming to Canada. We were able to explain that any PR system used in Canada would be designed here, for use here, and the poor experiences of the often quoted examples of why PR is ‘bad’ were relevant only to that country and were not representative of PR everywhere. Some of the table visitors signed the Declaration of Voters’ Rights or promised to do so on line. A few conservative-oriented people said they prefer the present FPTP voting method, including the Interim Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, Ric McIver.

Fair Vote Calgary’s web site shows where – or if! – the candidates stand on PR;  there’s  more information here, which will be updated as we find out more.

If you are a Calgary-Foothills Voter, please make sure you get out to vote either at the Advance Polls or on Election Day. More information at Elections Alberta’s web site.