An Introduction to Fair Vote Calgary

Fair Vote Calgary has been in existence for a number of years but has flown well below the radar. This is changing. Why? Why now?


Make 2015 The Last Unfair Election
| September 3rd, 2016

Dear Fair Vote Calgary Friends:

It is time for me to step down as ‘Leader’ of Fair Vote Calgary. Why now, just as the process is moving toward electoral reform?

I had a serious health scare recently – a heart attack requiring transport by ambulance to the Foothills Medical Centre, wonderful care in the Emergency and Cardiac units, and a return home two days later with instructions to ‘take it easy’ and anticipate at least four months of rehabilitation.

Now it is time for someone else to step forward and lead this group. I know I have done my best, but we need a team of supporters to…

  • Take over running the Fair Vote Calgary web site. It is a WordPress site, hosted by our previous leader Kirk Werklund, and it is time for a refresh.
  • Set up a Social Media presence, about which I know nothing.
  • Take over the dormant Fair Vote Calgary Meet Up group, and arrange meetups for self-teaching about proportional representation along with the ever-important social side. Ideally this should be done in the next two  weeks, so as to retain the site before the subscription expires.  My doctors don’t allow me to do this.
  • Be prepared to be a speaker and presenter on PR, using the resources of Fair Vote Canada as well as the items developed for Fair Vote Calgary. This is an especially crucial time while the Electoral Reform Committee is meeting and preparing its report.
  • Plan for the future – in addition to changing the federal electoral system, FVCalgary needs to plan and push for change at the provincial and municipal levels since democracy is absent everywhere!

One person can’t do all of this – if you can do a part, or some, please get in touch with Anita Nickerson at as soon as possible to make transition happen. Of course I will be happy to hand over materials and knowledge to whoever steps forward.


Mark Hambridge

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Thursday September 8, 6-7:45 PM: Electoral Reform Town Hall with Kent Hehr

As part of the government consultation on electoral reform, MPs have been invited to hold town halls. This is our chance to show up and speak up for proportional representation! What the MPs hear from constituents at the town halls – how much support there is for proportional representation – will be reported back to the all-party committee. Please show up if you can and invite others. 

Opponents of reform are organizing and attending these events. We need to be there to speak up for a vote that counts.

When: Thursday September 8th, 6:00-7:45 PM
Knox United Church – Theatre, 506 – 4th Street SW, Calgary

If you are able to attend the town hall please let me (Anita) know so I can touch base with you afterwards. Please let us know how the town hall goes by sending a summary to

If you are are constituent and not able to attend: Please email Kent at KENT.HEHR@PARL.GC.CA or call his constituency office at 403.244.1880. Identify yourself as a constituent who is unable to attend the town hall but would like to let him know you support proportional representation and ask that your feedback be included in his report. (If you are not a constituent it is still great to attend the town hall).

At town halls and consultations, we are focusing on communicating our core values:
Proportional Representation: 30% of the vote should equal 30% of the seats

- Voter Equality: every voter should be able to elect an MP who reflects his/her values

- Diversity: Our Parliament should reflect our diversity, including the political diversity within each region

- Collaboration: proportional representation means parties working together, and policies supported by parties representing a majority of voters

Thanks so much for your help at this important time.

Anita Nickerson
Fair Vote Canada Action Coordinator


1) How the all-party committee’s guiding principles relate to PR

2) PR Systems in Fair Vote Canada’s submission: PR-STV (see also STV+), MMP and MMP with ranked ballot and Rural-Urban Proportional Representation. (links to printable pamphlets here: STVMMPRural-Urban PR)

3) Evidence for Proportional Representation – a good summary of the research on PR.
4) Make Every Vote Count – a printable one page handout for events
5) Myth/Fact Sheet – a two page handout addressing common myths

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Save the date and make sure to be there!

When: Tuesday 14 June, 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Where:  Tuxedo Community Association 202 29 Avenue NE Calgary.

What: Discussion on Climate and Proportional Representation in Canada.


  • Bruce Hyer, Deputy Green Party of Canada Leader and newly elected Fair Vote Canada Council member ;
  • Janet Keeping, Alberta Green Party Leader;
  • Mark Hambridge, Fair Vote Calgary.

Why: The Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform has been announced with a mandate to report to Parliament this fall. The format of the Committee has been amended to reflect the popular vote in the 42nd General Election. Now is the time to learn more about PR and to tell the Committee what you want to see in our future electoral system.

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The CBC have announced that the Liberal Party has agreed to NDP Nathan Cullen’s suggested format of the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform – details here.

The committee will now reflect the popular vote of the last general election, rather than the false majority House of Commons seat allocation. ‘One small step for democracy – one giant leap for Canadians’.